What We Value
The Word of God We believe the Word of God was a gift from God to give us wisdom, direction and instruction for our lives. We do not see it as something “changing” or “evolving” but as the foundation for our lives.  The exterior of a house can be changed and moved around but the foundation never moves.  The scriptural application may differ with culture and the times but the message and principles are always constant.
Presence of GodWe love the presence of God in our assembly. Because of this, we spend time each Sunday in celebration singing joyful songs of thanks as well as songs of devotion and worship.  We do not rush this time as we believe God “inhabits” the praises of His people and in His presence we are made complete.
Family and Marriage – We understand that our church family is only as strong as the families that make it up.  We know that the church only grows and continues as it is transferred from “generation to generation”! We also believe in the “oneness” of marriage and that it should be an institution of great honor. We want to protect and cultivate great marriages in our church because children have the best opportunity to thrive in the midst of a healthy marriage.  To those who are single, we believe that God places the “solitude in families”.
GenerosityFor God so loved the world that He “GAVE”… We understand what Jesus taught us “That it is more blessed to give than to receive”. We believe that generosity is a way of life and as we are generous with those around us, we open a door for people to understand God better.
ServingAs we serve, we reflect what Jesus taught…He came not to be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.  True Biblical greatness comes as we serve many and not by how many serve us. While serving, we cultivate teamwork and body ministry.  Whereby each member of the body, having individual gifts, can use them to build up others around them. 
Hurting PeopleJesus said, “the healthy do not need a doctor but the sick…”  We recognize that there are many people with broken lives. They have been hurt and devastated by things in life that have robbed from them.  As Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost…we want to be His hands and feet to people who are lost,  That they may find true joy and abundant life made available to them through Jesus.  We do not forget that we all have a story and we were once without hope ourselves.